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Fremont, OH – The Fremont Company will be sponsoring the Rockford, Ohio Bicentennial fireworks show. The Village of Rockford, Ohio continues to celebrate their bicentennial in conjunction with the annual Rockford Community Days festival, held June 18 – 19, 2021. The weekend-long event will include a classic car show, tractor shows, live bands, and food. A highlight of Community Days will be the fireworks display sponsored by The Fremont Company. The Friday night fireworks will be an event that can be enjoyed by all ages and will be let off at Shane’s Park at 10 PM.

“We are thrilled to sponsor the bicentennial fireworks show, marking a historic milestone in the Rockford community’s rich tapestry,” says Chris Smith, President of The Fremont Company.

The Fremont Company, one of the largest private brand ketchup manufacturers in the country, has been Rockford, Ohio’s largest employer since 1945. The Fremont Company has over 100 years’ experience in the manufacturing of tomato-based sauces, fermented and pickled vegetables, and other specialty foods.

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