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The Fremont Company Introduces Advanced Data Tracking Solution to Increase Productivity and Meet Customer Demands

The Fremont Company has just completed the integration of an advanced factory production tracking solution that will allow their Rockford, Ohio factory to increase production and operate more efficiently to meet growing customer and market demands for their ketchup and BBQ sauce products.

The solution provides real time data tracking, enabling complete visibility into the entire production cycle. The net result is reduced production costs, increased quality and the ability to understand “why” events occur that may disrupt the production cycle, leading to faster and more permanent remediation.

“We are leveraging the best solutions in the marketplace to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. This solution provides The Fremont Company with the ability to achieve our business goals and continue to deliver our products at a competitive price while maintaining quality,” says Eric Kadrovach, Director of Operations, The Fremont Company.

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