Fremont, OH – Paisley Farm, known for its bean salad and pickled vegetables, launches new shelf stable Sliced Apples with Cinnamon in glass jars. Consumers will enjoy the crisp fresh-like apple flavor with a touch of cinnamon just in time for fall. Ready to be served straight from the jar, added into a salad, or used as a baking ingredient, Paisley Farm stays true to its signature style by bringing ready to serve foods to meal time. Costco and Costco Canada will be the first retailer to carry the new item. Find new recipes, product information and more by visiting

Timing is Right for Fall Flavor Trends

Get into the spirit of fall with this classic flavor combination that will take you right through into baking season. Serve the Sliced Apples with Cinnamon as a side dish, warmed up over ice cream, or add crisp flavor to a salad. Look for new recipe ideas coming soon to

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